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Construction: Repairing Cracked Lintel

By definition, a lintel is a a block of horizontal in structure spanning a space or opening between two vertical structural supports, that is often found over doors, windows, portals and fireplaces. The common problem among houses or buildings of all ages is lintel failure, especially common in old or historical properties posing a safety serious threats. Lintels among these old properties often fail causing sagging and crackings which becomes worse overtime and potentially leading to structural collapse. Lintels crack and eventually causing lintel failure caused by window replacement as a result of removal of the window load bearings with a non-load bearing window. In historical lintel settlements, serious defects may not be entirely evident that may lead to potential lintel collapse overtime.

Majority of cases lintel repairs are straight forward using pinning ties and bed joint
reinforcement in combination with resin injection systems to restore the lintel’s structural integrity, thereby retaining its facade aesthetics.

The best lintel repair is resetting the lintel and repointing or rebuilding the brickwork above, refitting the window. Poor lintel repairs are caused by repointing cracks when brick works rest in a new frame, however may cause a potential collapse above the opening when the window will be replaced the next time. Some lintels from older properties may pass the test of time even with a two-inch bearing, but most often, insufficient bearings may cause the lintel to likely drop and cracks may appear. Replacing the lintel is highly recommended for insufficient bearings, but most often, repointing the lintel may be sufficient until the window or door is eventually replaced. Too much load by the lintel’s downward pressure may result to cracking and lintel failure, due to roof purlins that are directly installed above window openings. The decision whether lintel replacement is necessary or simply repointing of cracks, is usually based on the age and severity of the cracks.

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