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Different Types of Building Materials

Customarily, the standard types of building materials intended for a building were mud, piece of rock and brush. Many years ago, properties were made exclusively of soils and clay. This was accompanied by the usage of gravel generally granite as the building material. Brush constructions were generally observed in warm areas and were definitely made thoroughly from plant parts that include branches, bark, twigs and leaves. A variety of bricks have been and tend to still utilize for masonry.

For instance specially molded bricks for joints, striking and tooling, in addition to glazed or rubbed bricks for eye-catching purposes. Another popular building material is hardwood. With the different character of a variety of lumber, it can be utilized for any sort of structure in most places. Despite the fact that timber structures had been very prevalent in earlier times, they vanished with the strategy of concrete structures. Cement is a compound building material consists of a mixture and a binder.

Cement offers good work with in any types of building construction. Recently, new kinds of building materials are utilized. These consist of metals intended for the structural construction of larger structures, plastics, asbestos, and textiles. Among the most recent revolutions in the construction, enterprise is the evolution of the “Green building,” which is the technique of building constructions that utilize ecologically safe building materials and building options. Among the standards a building have to meet to be regarded as “green” is that the property needs to be created using environmentally safe building materials.
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This is due to building materials play a significant role in making a structure eco-friendly. As observed in the past, using building materials which include asbestos or those that discharge poisons can have a negative effect, not only to the contractors and long term occupants but to the surroundings as well. Nevertheless, eco-friendly materials are definitely not only tied to the ones that do not emit carcinogens or pollution — recycled products are also considered as ecologically safe. One very decent example of reused or restored building material is metal. This is because metal is certainly has a significant percentage recyclable, that will be made from discarded sheet metal, including worn out cars, appliances, and existing steel buildings.
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This suggests that using metal is not going to require mining since it can be made from recycled alloys. In addition, valuable resources which include trees are also protected if the metal can be used to build structures rather than lumber. Aside from being best for the surroundings, using metal also offers other advantages.

Iron is more powerful and qualified to resist extreme climate, in fact, it is more affordable than most building materials. It is definitely fire resilient, immune to termites, warping, and splits. A growing number of individuals are becoming aware of environmental concerns and innovative eco-friendly revolutions are being created.

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Building Repairs And Maintenance

To improve or restore every facility in every part of the building, its surroundings and services to an acceptable standard and to sustain utility values of the said facility at the same time is the simplest definition for maintenance. To preserve good condition services and buildings, make improvements when required and sustain utility value is the objective of maintenance. Any good maintenance team has to be capable to ensure efficiency, reliability and safety.

There are several facets of maintenance operations such as condition based maintenance, fixed time maintenance, preventive maintenance, day to day maintenance, opportunity maintenance as well as shutdown maintenance. A few of the common examples of maintenance works done in buildings are maintenance surveys for sanitary system and water supply, periodic surveys which are necessary in order to observe how the system works. As for the inspection, it should start from top to bottom. Drawings indicating different services as what laid have to be acquired in order to facilitate the survey.

With regards to maintenance of electrical installations, it could be made safe only by having it installed and maintained by licensed and professional electrician. It is crucial that the installation is checked on a periodic basis and that there is a proper record of such work. The recommended periodicity of checking the electrical system of a building depend on the test that has to be done like for earthing test, insulation and polarity, it ought to be done once, twice and once in 5 years respectively.

In multistoried buildings, the maintenance of elevators are extremely important service that can’t be taken for granted. The vertical transportation is affected by lifts which can come from different types like goods lifts, passenger lifts, special lifts in hospitals and so on. Without adequate vertical transportation in the building, the entire activity in multistoried building will likely come to a standstill.

As for this type of building repairs and maintenance, it has to cover all mechanical equipment similar to buffer door closers, sheaves, door hangers, limit switches, floor sections and everything in between. In regards to the interlocks, the mechanical fastenings to the base as well as latching head must be securely locked when the door is closed. Electrical contact should not get made unless the elevator door is locked and fully closed. For the governor ropes and hoist, there should be no signs of rust and wear while the traveling cables have to be hung properly and the outer wrapping shouldn’t be worn out to avoid short circuit.

There are still lots of other building repairs and maintenance that should be done but these are what been done oftentimes.

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