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How Social Proof Can Build Trust in Your Business In any type of business it is a requirement that you become trustworthy for your customers and clients so that they know to expect a consistently good product. Without building that trust and consistency with your product or service people would just go elsewhere for a similar one. One way to build this trust is with social proof, which is what psychologists refer to as conformity or the bandwagon effect. Using social influence is key when you want people to believe that other visitors or customers like your services or business. Ultimately using social proof to its full advantage can make it seem like using your company is the most obvious and normal choice. Social proof comes from people’s peers so they will be less likely to see it as a marketing tactic. One of the most common and straightforward versions of social proof is customer reviews or testimonials of your product or service. To ensure that you get people to actually read your testimonials, you might want to sprinkle them throughout the rest of your content. People tend to be incredibly influenced by what celebrities do and say, so you can take your testimonials to the next level if you can get a celebrity to endorse your product or service. The more relevant and powerful the influencer is, the better. If you do get a good endorsement be sure and add a photo to really drive home the message.
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Sometimes people are hesitant to join email lists so they don’t clog up their inbox, but if you tell them numbers about how many other people have already done so they might be more influenced to join as well. You can also add social sharing buttons to your blog that let people see how many other people have already shared the blog to their social media, and when the number is high they might be more inclined to like it or share it themselves. There are also widgets that you can add to the side of your blog that will show the number of followers that you have, as well as your most recent posts. People won’t follow you if you aren’t actually posting on the accounts however, so make sure that you are consistent on there before you send people there.
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Adding on media logos can be helpful if your service or product has ever been featured in a magazine or otherwise referenced by a big company. Adding trust boxes to your website is also another great idea, since it includes businesses who are known for their rating practices like Yelp and any industry associations or chambers of congress.