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How to Exterminate and Control Pest at Home One of the enemies of each and every dwelling places all over the world, are the different kinds of pest, specifically when they ought to cause serious problems in the foundation of their home, or any commercial or residential buildings and can especially cause any problems with the health or the family members. Pests is a competitor of humanity, it can be insects, animals or any microorganisms and can also be plants that are usually found inside the homes or livestock and agricultural production sites, that can be the main reason for any epidemic diseases like plagues and nuisance to each and every individuals all over the world. Pests can be very noxious, troublesome, destructive, invasive and detrimental, and some of the most common types of pests are ticks, rats, fleas, mosquitoes, codling moth, boll weevil, weeds, mites, ants, bullfrogs, cockroaches, crickets, grasshoppers, wasps, larvae, book and wood worm, slugs, chiggers, bed bugs, sarcoptes scabiei, and many more to mention. Bed bugs are one of the common pest that are mostly hated by each and every dwellers of a home, since its habitat are usually located near or inside the beds, beddings, and any other sleeping areas of a warm house, and they are usually active at night, especially when their hosts are sleeping. Bed bugs are already well-known in the world for a very long time as a human parasite, and basically a type of parasitic insects that feeds on human’s or domesticated animal’s blood, and a bite from them would cause psychological effects, skin irritations or skin rashes and allergy symptoms in the body of their hosts. The ways to determine the existence or presence of bed bugs in your home and any other places like offices, hotels, gyms, and stores where their hosts usually stays can actually be seen with the human eyes, because juvenile bed bugs are said to be shredding their skin so the cases of their skin can be seen, their shape and size is the same as an apple seed, their stools is black and brown in color and their bite mark can cause red welts on the skin of their hosts. Pest control companies are usually needed to provide effective services in regulating or managing the presence of any kinds of specie of pest at the dwelling place of their clients, since they are most likely skilled and has the common knowledge of the different kinds of pests, and some of their services are assessment and inspection of the place of their clients which is said to be a pest infested place, and after that the best course of action such as a treatment plan is to be recommended and done, and they will also do follow-up checkup after the said treatment to guarantee that the said treatment is effective.

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