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Metal Roofing: A List of Advantages As a homeowner, one of your most important responsibilities is replacing your roof once the damage to it becomes irreparable. Because roof replacement is inevitable, you must know that metal roofing is probably the most ideal replacement option out there. You also should know that metal roofs can be installed to both a flat and steep roofline. And as the reputation of the material suggests, it comes with utmost durability; one of the best in the industry. But before you actually delve into the world of buying a metal roof, we strongly recommend that you first do a consultation with roofing expert in your area. Meanwhile, our job is to give you a heads up about the basics of metal roofing, more particularly its advantages and disadvantages. Extensive Range of Metal for Roofing
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It’s no secret that millions of homeowners in the U.S. alone opted to have metal roofing installed in their homes because they were given a wide range of material options. Some of the most common choices include galvanized steel, copper, aluminum, tin, and zinc, all of which having their own set of specific advantages and attributes. Because of the versatility of metal roofing, you eventually will get the luxury of customizing your roof based on your preference and by considering factors like aesthetic value, durability, and price.
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Metal Roofs Are Known to Last Forever The ability to last forever actually means the metal roof above you will most likely outlive you; that’s how durable it is. Modern metal roofs today can in fact last at least 40 years and to a maximum of 70 years. There really is a huge difference compared to an asphalt roofing type that will only give you about 20 years of life. Metal is Energy-Efficient Contrary to what you hear about metal, it actually is a type of material that promotes energy efficiency. This is mainly because the material itself reflects the sun’s heat, which means the space below it need not to use a lot of air conditioning to cool down. How About Disadvantages? Although there are a lot of good things offered by a metal roof, there also are disadvantages, just like any other type of roofing out there. It’s no secret that the price is clearly the most tangible and obvious disadvantage. Considering the fact that you’re paying for something that will last for a very long time and could help you save on cooling costs, it means you should be willing enough to pay about double to that of asphalt roofing. Also, another disadvantage is you can’t have it installed on an old home that does not have enough strong foundation. The obvious reason is it is quite a heavy material compared to other roofing materials.