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Marketing Strategies for Local Flower Shops When you are either new or old in the floral business, chances are, you have been bombarded by magazines and online articles of the “must haves” when it comes to marketing or advertising your business. What they recommend to these business owners is to have a website to make their presence known online and on top of this, they also need an SEO provider so that people will find them online. Their argument makes the business see that in the global market there are many competitors and to increase the visibility of your tiny business so that you can easily compete with mass market retailers. The benefits of SEO which is ranking top spots in search results and driving traffic to your website which will also increase your customer base will be yours not only for months but also for years. So when you start getting your high ranking through SEO then this means you get a lot more customers and a lot more sales for your flower business.
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Then you need to get competent content writers and continue to build your list, create leads and from these leads offer perks, close the deal and on and on. For many people this is the way to go in marketing. To them, websites are used to have your online presence in this manner.
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Local flower shop’s niche is not in the virtual world. Your niche is not in the global community but in the people residing in your area and the businesses that surround yours. So rather than spending your marketing dollars to advertise to people whom you, why not spend that dollar to increase your presence in your local community. You can host free informational classes in schools and other organizations, form a partnership with a local restaurant and offer clients a special treat, or record community activities that is graced with your flower, or donate flowers to community events. You may not need SEO so much because you are a local business serving your local community. The activities laid above should be your marketing strategy. This strategy is more effective and realistic. Well of course you have to have a website so you do not need to publish your activities and articles on those expensive paper publishers. Use the website as your alternative channel. Websites are useful to inform customers what’s new in your business. You also need a social media account, so that all your friends and associates can converge there while they are away or busy with something else. Social media can serve as a platform where your friends and associates can use to promote your floral business to others.