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How to Manage Your Black Online Magazine Subscription Of course, when you buy a subscription, it’s very important to read the fine print. If you don’t, then you’re more likely to be surprised when they take the renewal fee out of your account for a surprisingly large amount. To avoid this, make sure you’re an educated reader and are clear on when your subscription is set to renew, as well as what the cancellation steps are in case you choose to use them. One important aspect of the subscription is the payment account you have attached to it. If you’re accounting for bills, you don’t want to have that added in unexpectedly. Sometimes, the publishers will send out postcards that look unassuming in order to remind you before they complete this transaction. In order to keep it from being done, you have to contact them before a certain date to keep the subscription from being renewed. Your cancellation notice may result in them sharing a special one time offer with you, so you’ll agree to keep your subscription active. Those readers that agree to this new deal should understand when it ends and when their price is going to return to normal. Taking notes during the conversation will help you keep track of these details, so you can enter them in your financial calendar later on. You might be able to receive a transcript of the conversation if you ask the representative to send you an email once the phone call is finished. Once you’ve hung up from talking to the representative, you should receive this information in your inbox in just a few minutes.
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You can be smart about how you subscribe to black owned magazines and manage your payments to them. You can use a digital calendar or a print one to keep track of these subscriptions, whichever works best for your personal style. The smarter you are, the more beneficial these will be over time. You’ll also have more money to spend on other subscriptions if you choose to do so.
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It will be easier for you financially to maintain this service each year, because existing customers usually get a discounted rate after their first year. Not only do you get the lower rate, but you get the latest news and developments that the publisher sends out in each issue. Find out what magazines are your favorites, get the subscription information you need and start having them sent to your home or office. It will give you some relaxation and learning time every month they arrive.