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Everything That You Need To Know About Building Repair

Do you know what is building repair?

Building repairs are done to a structure for it to be secure and safe There are plenty types of building repair like fixing the drainage, damp, subsidence, plumbing, electrical and the structure.

Below are the different building repair problems:

A. Problems with the structure

Usually the first part where you will see problems is in the ceiling, roof or the walls. You need to look at the damage in the structure like if it has sagging tiles on the roof, it has leaning walls, has bulges and sways.

The roof is the best part that will tell you if the structure is damage. If you want to know if the roof is straight, you can just look at its ridge. If your roof is sagging in the end or in the center then the load bearing may have shifted. When you are outside of the property you can actually see if the walls are straight or not.

In order to ensure that the building hasn’t shifted the structure and the foundation should meet. It is also important that that you check cracks in the walls of the property.

B. Problems with the damp

The most common type of damp is called the rising damp. Damp is caused by moisture that is from the ground which goes up to the walls. The moisture deposits salt when it goes to the walls of the properties. When salt is deposited in the walls it will get damaged and stained.

C. Subsidence

This is the downward movement of a bearing soil where the property rests. Subsidence can cause cracks in different parts of the structure like in the door frame, window frame and brick work.

Subsidence can happen due to a lot of different reasons, like:

When there were previous mining activity in the property.

When the building is built on clay soil.

Caused by bushes and trees. When the clay will contract it will pull the foundation of the property.

Broken drainpipes can cause water leaks. The reason this happens when the soil has high content of gravel and sand.

There are plenty of reason why subsidence occur such as sticking doors and windows, cracks in the brickwork and plasterwork, rippled wallpaper in the walls.

The main reason why subsidence happens is because the clay soil that is under the foundation is shrinking. Shrinkage occurs when the roots are drying the soil. Other causes is the softening of the soil in the foundation.

As soon as you see these signs it is best that you conduct building repair.