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Learn More about Outsourcing Your Kitting/Pick and Pack Any manufacturing business who wants to operate lean need to focus on improving the smooth movement of the workflow from one operation to another. To put it more discreetly, you have to picture the entire operation and try to break them down into its peculiar order. A good example is breaking down warehousing as one unit, distribution as another, processing, assembly, packing, delivery, and so on. Thus after identifying its components, you put them all back together again and you have identified the proper sequence of work. There would be a breakdown in the continuous flow of operation if one of the units breaks down, and thus, there is a need to manage it well. There will be things that can hinder the smooth workflow of operations and can be found if units are micro managed, and to be able to prevent delays in operations, care has to be taken to avoid this. This handicap is the result of work fluctuations. There can be several factors that causes work to fluctuate. The two factors that cause work fluctuation is first of all external factor which we have no control of, and the internal factor like the unequal distribution of work.
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Also, when the planning is not properly done, then priority tasks are not identified and thus, there is a confusion of what needs to be done first over other less significant tasks. Tasks which are not so significant are usually set aside so that the more important tasks are done first. Testing and carefully proving a task should have a standard set to ensure that there is uniformity in performance.
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When the layout of the facility is faulty it can lead to tremendous downtime; in other words, there is no scientific and planned arrangement of placing things and machinery inside. Time may be lost when a worker need to look for something instead of doing his job of kitting parts in boxes. This can also kill space and create bottlenecks that slow down the flow. Today, you can now get a third party logistics provider to perform standard supply chain services. This includes kitting, pick and pack for warehouse storage. When you take a third party provider, or when you want to reduce the time taken in processing parts and reduce downtime for the assembly line, kitting and picking and packing can reduce handling on your part. They know when to order supply because they keep track of inventory, can manage vendors themselves and even guarantee not to fail to deliver a part destined for a kit. Since all these are outsources, the manufacturing space will be freed and the material flow will be more streamlines which increases efficiency and reduce costs. These providers have other capabilities including order fulfillment and relabeling, and shipping wherever the customer is located.