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Benefits of Striping Your Asphalt Parking Lot It is important to maintain your asphalt paves parking lots. Parking lot owners should considering re-striping their asphalt parking lot as part of its maintenance work. Every year or once every two years, your asphalt parking lot should be repainted or striped. This will depend on the amount of wear and tear made by people driving on your asphalt paved lots. The first thing to do is to clean the lot and to check if there are major problems with it. Required handicapped spaces are determine by the number of parking spaces on the lot. You should use high quality paint when asphalt striping. High quality paint will ensure that it will last and it will give a clean look to your paved lot. Bright colored stripes will make it easier for people to park in between the lines. These parking lot striping will ensure the safety of drivers because they are directed on the way of the parking lot traffic. This will ensure that drivers find their way easily in the parking lot at all times. If there are bright yellow speed bumps on your asphalt paved lots people who are not in their cars will be safe too. It is important to put up sings in your parking lot including signs for cross walks, loading zones, and handicapped signs.
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To makes sure that the stripes will look straight when the work is done, it should first be chalked. To get the best painted lines, you should use a walk behind style striping machine . When the stripes dry they should measures 6 millimeters. These newly painted lines will dry up around 30 minutes, and not until then can cars drive through your parking lot. Debris have to be removed from the lot after the striping Is done.
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Then barricades has to be set up so that other drivers are kept from entering or exiting the asphalt parking lot. When your parking lot is newly striped, it looks new and professional. You can get bargain prices if you stripe your asphalt earlier than later. When it comes to asphalt paving maintenance, you should be the one to take the initiative when it is time to do so. If you neglect maintenance of your asphalt paving then you will be paying a higher price in repair in the long run. You will not know how much customers deeply appreciated nicely looking and well designed parking lots. This is because it is the first thing that they see when they enter the lot, and this is why it should look great. It will give your company a positive overall impression if you parking lot is freshly striped.